Free Therapy Resources and Worksheets

I started creating worksheets out of my own need to have better resources and tools to utilize with clients. These are based on methods that I have found most helpful in working with adults, children, and families. As much as possible, I will try to organize these resources by group and specify purpose/modality if applicable.


FREE Play Therapy Training CEUs – A post that I try to keep updated with free play therapy training options.


Body Awareness Worksheet – For use with PTSD, c-PTSD, and anxiety. Develop an awareness of body sensations.

Symptom Journal – Created for use with PTSD and c-PTSD to develop an awareness of body sensations and emotional symptoms and link them to possible triggers, as well as thoughts and feelings.


Virtual Play Therapy Room – My free virtual play therapy room includes a playroom, game room, virtual sensory/calming room, children's library, LGBTQI room, psychology room, and more! It's always in flux / under constructions :p

What's The Matter? – A simple intake worksheet for children/teens who either don't want to be in therapy or don't have the same therapy goals as their caregivers. It helps them identify what they think are the main issues, rate the magnitude of the problem, and identify ways they would like to engage in treatment.


Caregiver Effectiveness Goals Worksheet – Based on TF-CBT concepts of helping caregivers identify and develop ways to parent more effectively.